03 December 2011


Its falling like rain and its rising like the sun.
Its falling like fire on the deaf and the dumb.
She won't let you drown and she won't let you run.

I'm living like I'm free but I'm running from the hell.
I killed the lion boy but I'm still sleeping with the elk.
If I went searching for my god would I find myself?
If I went searching for my God would I find myself?

Down in the water the old man he swore 
that if I'd loose my bags and wade in the water 
I'd find, oh I'd find the cure.
Mister I cried, oh I'll die in the deep.
My legs will grow tired, 
my arms will grow weak,and I'll drown 
as I sink beneath.  

There's a water that's welling up deep in your soul
like the fire that burned up in the prophets of old.
The vultures they scream that the fire's burned out,
There's no well in the sand, you'll die in this drought.
And they log to eat up all the flesh off your bones.
They howl and they screech to suck out your hope.

But there's a well in your heart, its been damned by the dirt.
The water's alive and it longs to pour out.
Its as real as the air and as strong as the breeze.
It rattles my bones and it sings set me free.
Set Me free. Have Mercy on me.

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