02 January 2012

The Elk & The Buffalo Pt.II

If the answer's always maybe you'll never leave my head.
If I could I would be yours, but that dreams long since dead.
I couldn't let you go, I had to draw you close.
Like poison in my veins or a needle in my paw.
My fear is you'll be back but I'll have gone away,
you'd try to pull me close and I'd wish I would have stayed.

[*]Never thought I'd be so angry.
Never thought I'd lose my mind.
In the morning I'll be better,
if I make it through the night.

So I'll put you out of reach, but can that really be the cure?
If you came stumbling in, would I open up the door?
As I'd wrap your wounds, your fragrance I'd inhale.
I tried to kill this curse, but your love was my bane.

The Elk and the Buffalo.
The Elk and the Buffalo.
At the end of my rope.
Will you pull me up?
Or leave me here to hang
by the noose around my neck.
Its sucking out my air.
Its cutting through my skin.
Your dagger blade's too dull
to cut through the line.
A struggle when it lived.
A struggle when it died.
If the Elk is dead,
can she raise to life?

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