10 July 2011

Shake the Earth.

I once met a man who used to slay dragons,
The kinds everyone was afraid to confront.
But for his courage there was no honor.
People passed him by and went on their way.
As he stood up like a Lion and died like a Lamb.

Fighting the Dragons means fighting our Demons.
The ones in our wisdom we refuse to believe.
In freedom's name we break our promises.
From fiery breath we willingly flee.
If we stood up like a Lion we'd die like a Lamb.

The heroes of old, they died poor and alone,
Buried like seeds deep underground.
Hidden from us, and watered by rain,
Living in faith, awaiting the day that they'd
Stand up like the Lion and rise like the Lamb.

Darkness has taken over your land,
but I've come to bring light in abundance again.
I'll shake the earth and the earth will shake me.
We'll be cast out like fools because we believe if we
Stand up up like a Lion, we'll rise like the Lamb.
Lets Stand up like a Lion and die like the Lamb.

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