06 February 2011

New Song...

So we have been working on some new songs as of late. Most of them are only half finished but Bradical caught about half a song on tape and shared it at OldFriendFox.com Go have a listen.

Maybe in this trouble that we have all found ourselves in,
We could find a lover who could forget all the things we did.
We could find a hope more true than the lies I put my trust in.
We could end this winter and let the sweet summer sun shine again.
Even in this winter I can still remember the warmth of the sun's rays on my back,
As I walked boldly, calloused, and coldly away from the only love I have had.
If I could just stay sober, would I remember the softest kiss you placed on my lips?
Would I remember the words that you swore: "Love, I will be waiting for you to come home,
I'm waiting for you."
I swore I would never come back to this old place again.
I swore I didn't need you to fill the cosmic void within.
Injected with numbness, I will never feel you again.
"Oh little lover, I am still waiting for you to come home."
"Even in your winter I can remember the warmth of my sun's rays on your back.
As you walked boldly, calloused, and coldly away from the truest love you have had.
I haven't lost hope love, that you will remember the softest kiss I placed on your lips.
Lover remember the words that I swore love, I am still waiting for you to come home.
I'm waiting for you."

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LizzyG-MarinGrace said...

Just heard it and fell in love with it. Funny thing is BennyBoo I'm still waiting for you to come home...my home that is.
L.A. is in desperate need of Buffalo Season.