02 November 2009

A Day in the Life...

This morning I had about 89% of Garry's socks in my drawer.
About 50% of those I stole from Garry...
To my defense, I only take the socks after he has worn them once or twice.
The other 50% were in Chichan's laundry the day before.
Everyday Jordan puts all the socks from the floor into Chichan's laundry bag...
Chichan gave me the cleaned socks at the laundromat.
I put them in my drawer.
Garry Found them.
Now we have a segregated closet.
Chichan attempts to desegregate the closet.
Jordan looses it.
Garry looses it.
Our closet remains segregated.
Seperate but equal...
You be the judge.
The Real Culprit?
I say Jordan.
You be the judge.

1 comment:

LizzyG-MarinGrace said...

uuh..this is a tough one. I say its Fetner. He's so weird. HA!