22 March 2009

A Legacy Revealed...

After School on Thursday I went to Dirty Bakers to hang with friends and play music.  On Sunday we left for SloTown, where we hung out at Garry's place and skated for a few days.  On Wednesday Christian and Mike gave us a ride to Keith's house up North where I met the infamous Grandma Tiger, The Perpetual Robed Chris, Ryan in the Boxvan, Uncle Willy, G&G Tanaka, and Samarai Tanaka and his fair maiden.  His family was sweet when you could find them (they usually hid in the shadows or left an engagement via smoke bomb) but they did let me hold their Katanna (thats a Samarai blade to the layman) so that was a real treat.  On the way back Keith and I hit up skate parks down the 99.  A mini in Elk Grove, huge transition in Ripon, and some Heat in Fresno. We got back to Costa Mesa on Friday and have been hanging ever since.  All in all a good week.
Sleepy Slammy.
Strumming The Night Away.
Ripon, Ca.
Ripon, Ca.
California is green.
Keith's House.
Fresno, Ca.
Fresno, Ca.
Cayucos, Ca.
Driving Home.

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