11 March 2009

All in a Year...

In the words of those currently sitting next to me in my room, 2008 was "scrumptious" (Garry), "A Blue eyed girl" (Morgan), and "Bitchin" (JR Delight).  I don't know about all that but I do know it was a good year.  Sorry to anyone who is not (or is barely) featured below (John, Mike, Richard, and the millions of women we knew) I love you guys too. Ha!
Richard's Last Night with us. 
Setllers of Catan!
Australia Vs. Washington.
Superbowl Party!
Beach House.
Jace Gobble Himself.
A long haired Daniel and morgan's perversion.
Just a Couple a guys up to no good.
Garry The Elvish Warrior.
Indian Curb Stall!
A couple a Terrorists.
Morgan drinking pop.
Gunning down.
A Deadly Duo.
Walking the Streets.
Sweater Wrap!
The End of an Era.


MIC said...

I like D'sssss pictures.. Hey man, i feel like were the only people commenting on blogs these days. I'm trying to find more people that we know who have blogs. It's so secretive. I like it this way. In a weird way.

LizzyG-MarinGrace said...

LG: hmmm...that blue-eyed girl..huh?? that makes me wonder...morgan