19 February 2009

A Taste of History

I used to write in a blog but I quit doing it after a while. Maybe this time things will work out. Dinosaurs is the name of a song by a band called Final Fight, get into it. Heres a little taste of my life over the past 5 or 6 years. Ha!
No face hair. 2005 or 6.
A Dirty Lookin Thunderdome. 2006.
Cookie Time! 2007.
The original Elephant! check it!
Retarded Kids in Tack. 2005.

Me and Dumb Patty.
Folk Yeah! Recording in a Car! 2006.
I love my mom. 2006.
Buisness Time! 2006.

A Duck Named Vader. 2005. 
Jessie and I gettin Asian at Disneyland. 2006.
Happy Birthday Jacobo! 2005.
Puppy Apollo ruined everyhting but 
was still the best dog ever! 2006.

Caught a Freakin Bowl! 2007.
Sing Along with Mitch Miller. 2005.
Best Summer of my life. 2005.
Mom and Dad doin what they do best.
Middle School Nose Grab! 2002.
Peeing on a wall on the way to AZ. 
So Punk Rock. 2003.
The origins of Beast of a Man. 2004.

Well That was probably way more than I will ever do so enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben... good picture selection. It is sweet that You had a button-up shirt with a big "ezekiel" print on the front of it. That stuff is classic. I also liked the picture with the speedo. That lazy river must have been a good one. You sure know how to do things right!
-Michael H.

thebardofbalisle said...

where did that spedo go? i know you still have it - break it out!